SSUNS is a part of a larger umbrella organization, the International Relations Student's Association at McGill. IRSAM Inc. is a non-profit corporation run by students from McGill with a scope and mandate that is unique in the Model UN world. The largest student group at McGill, IRSAM presents a plethora of opportunities for students interested in international affairs.

The Secretary-General of SSUNS is a member of the IRSAM Board of Directors, which also includes the Secretary-General of McMUN, the 2nd largest conference on the collegiate circuit, and the Head of McGill’s travelling delegation team, which is coming off a record-setting year and remains far and away the top team in Canada. What makes IRSAM unique is the External portfolio of the organization. Through our Junior Peacemakers program, which educates 5th and 6th graders in the Montreal community about international law and organizations, IRSAM became the only student group in the developed world to have consultative status at the United Nations. Every year, IRSAM sends a delegation of representatives to New York to participate as a non-profit in the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission for Social Development. IRSAM also runs the McGill International Review, the leading foreign affairs publication within the McGill community. MIR has both an online edition, which covers everything there is to cover in international relations, but also a peer-reviewed journal published every April. SSUNS will be showcasing each of these portfolios throughout our conference in order to expose our delegates to the plethora of opportunities the field of international relations opens up.