Registration Information

We hope that after reading the information contained in this website that you are considering coming to beautiful downtown Montreal in November for SSUNS 2018! We have additionally designed our registration process for the 2018 year to be as smooth as possible. Finally, we have adopted a same-day response policy to all Facebook messages on our Facebook page, and to all emails sent our Chargé D’Affaires or our Secretary-General.
Try it out! Premier Registration begins May 5th, 2018!

How to Register

1. Click the "Register Now" button below and fill in the registration form.
An invoice will be sent to the email you provide.
2. Our Chargé will send you further information about upcoming deadlines, and will give you access to the Dashboard, where you will be able to view all relevant information to your delegation.

Payment Options:

SSUNS has a three-tiered pricing system for the per-delegate fees:
• Premier ($85): Up to the first 400 delegates registered
• Early Bird ($90): Up to the first 900 delegates registered
• Regular ($95): Up to the first 1500 delegates registered
Those who subscribe to our social media accounts or listservs/email updates will be made aware of when each period begins/ how many delegates have registered in the current period.
Each delegation is additionally then charged a one-time delegation fee - $85 during the Premier Registration period, $90 during the Early Bird period, and $95 during the Regular registration period.
For 2018, Delegations who are NEW or have not come to SSUNS in the last three years will be exempt from paying a delegation fee.

Faculty Advisors can choose to either pay by cheque, addressed to IRSAM Inc. (the parent body of SSUNS), or to pay online via credit card or bank transfer, through Wave. Committee/country assignments will not be distributed until payment is received. For more information about refund policies or scholarships, feel free to send a message to

Time until SSUNS 2018

22 November, 2018