The Secretariat

Gordon Milne
Secretary General

Gordon Milne is a dedicated and determined fourth year student majoring in Economics, Finance, and the Sheraton Floor Plan. This year’s SG has been involved in SSUNS for three years, with previous roles as an Operations Coordinator and last year's Chief of Operations. Upon graduation, Gordon is passionately eager to work in economic policy, with his dream job being the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. This July, he travelled to Beijing, China to represent SSUNS at WEMUN Expo and teach Model UN to Chinese students. In the Summer of 2016, he drove his home-made Mazda Miata over 3000 km from his hometown of Austin, Texas to Montréal! Gordon is enjoying the journey to SSUNS 2018, but is also very much looking forward the conference this November! Specifically, Gordon is excited about the Delegate Gala and seeing his Secretariat Family, Coordinators, and Staff working together to making this twenty-sixth SSUNS the best one yet!

Ashton Mathias
Chargé d'Affaires

Meet the SSUNS 2018 Chargé d’Affaires, Ashton Mathias! Ashton is a third-year Arts student majoring in Honours Political Science with minors in Economics and History. He takes pride in his hometown, Mississauga, being the sixth largest city in Canada and the home of the Toronto-Pearson Airport. Along with his involvement in SSUNS, where he served on the 2017 Secretariat as Deputy Director of Public Relations, Ashton is also a member of McGill’s Delegation Team! Ashton’s fondest SSUNS experience is the SSUNS Secretariat retreat last fall, and he loves the Delegate Networking Event that occurs on Friday night at the conference. In the future, Ashton would like to enter the Canadian Foreign Service to work on Canadian-American bilateral relations. In his free time, he is a big Game of Thrones fan, and can consistently be found jamming to Kendrick Lamar. Ashton is incredibly excited for the conference and kindly requests delegates send Vine impressions his way throughout the weekend!

Ronan Murphy
Chief of Staff

Our Chief of Staff, Ronan, is a passionate participant in Model UN, whether as a delegate, staffer, or Secretariat member. At SSUNS, he has been a delegate twice, a crisis staffer, and Deputy General Assemblies; making SSUNS 2018 his fifth time at our conference. A proud Torontonian, Ronan is in his 3rd year at McGill, double majoring in political science and international relations. He hopes to one day employ his education to sail the world and write about his experiences. Ronan’s favorite Disney film is Tangled and he likes to indulge in his love for cars and British comedy. While he enjoys his time as both a delegate on the university circuit and staffing, he enjoys the chance to interact with delegates as a Secretariat member, and can’t wait for opening ceremonies to kick off what he believes will be another exciting conference!

Elisabeth Hedstrom
Chief of Operations

Say hello to Elisabeth, the Chief of Operations for SSUNS 2018! Her hometown is Gothenburg, Sweden, but her current homebase is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here at McGill, she is second-year student in honours political science and economics, and hopes to pursue a career in international security at INTERPOL or the CIA. At SSUNS 2017, Elisabeth served as a committee director in SPECPOL. A regular General Assembly delegate, Elisabeth has participated in 16 DISEC committees throughout her career. She speaks English, Swedish, and Spanish and is learning French, so feel free to strike up a conversation in any of those languages! Over the summer, Elisabeth obtained her Divemaster License and worked as a dive instructor in the Dominican Republic. Be sure to catch her when she’s not setting up projector screens to ask her about her work restoring coral reefs! She hopes that every delegate has the opportunity to meet people who are different from them, and gains a new perspective at SSUNS 2018.

Gretel Kahn
USG Committees

Meet Gretel, your USG Committees! Originally from Panama City, Panama, Gretel is famous for her creative prowess. She first attended SSUNS as a delegate in her last year of high school, an empowering experience that led her to study at McGill University. She is trilingual, fluent in English, Spanish and French. She loves Montreal’s reputation as a multicultural melting pot, which reminds her of home. She’s held many different positions within SSUNS, but in each role, her favorite part of the conference has meeting the incredible people involved in SSUNS. This upcoming SSUNS will be her 5th! Gretel is in her fourth year at McGill, studying honours international development studies with minors in history and gender sexuality and feminist studies. In addition to having a sensational sense of style, Gretel loves film and political activism. In an ideal world, she would be a documentary film maker and would make a career of capturing the world in a unique way. She also has a deep appreciation for acting which led her to be a part of McGill’s theater community, and holds the title of Queen of Jokes at SSUNS.

Myles Roth
USG Finance

Hailing from the city of Toronto, Myles Roth will serve as this year’s SSUNS USG Finance. He is a student at the Desautels Faculty of Management majoring in finance, and he dreams of landing a job at the Bank of Canada working in economic policy. In previous editions of SSUNS, he has staffed as a committee director and vice-chair, and currently holds the job of bookkeeper for SSUNS’s umbrella organisation IRSAM. While Myles was never a delegate himself, he competes in business case competitions around the world. His last case comp took him to Copenhagen where he had the chance to dine with the Crown Prince and the Royal Palace! While most of his extracurriculars revolve around his studies, Myles also has a secret talent: he plays both the saxophone and drums!

Eric Sun
USG Information and Technology

Our USG IT was born in Calgary, Alberta but has lived in Seattle, Washington since age 3. He is currently pursuing a joint degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at McGill in order to help him land his dream job as an artificial intelligence or machine learning researcher. SSUNS 2018 will be his fourth, but he has been involved in Model UN since high school where he was a highly decorated delegate. For Eric, having his last name resemble the SSUNS name is both a privilege and a burden but we know he will uphold the SSUNS values in everything he does. He is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese and has a kindergarten understanding of French so come say hi to Eric and help him practice his French or practice your Mandarin! When not doing MUN or school, you can find Eric eating at one of Montreal’s hip restaurants, as he is a massive foodie, or playing the piano. His favourite Disney character is Meg from Hercules and passionately defends this opinion. Eric can’t wait to meet all of our wonderful delegates and hopes that SSUNS 2018 inspires them to use their skills in collaboration and debate to make a change in the world!

Michelle Dorey
Director of Public Relations

Our director for Public Relations this year at SSUNS 2018 is Michelle Dorey, a proud Montrealer. Though this is only Michelle’s second SSUNS, she is beyond thrilled to take on her role and see delegates thrive throughout the weekend. In fact, her favourite part of SSUNS seeing the effort that the secretariat puts into the conference lead to the personal development of each delegate. Outside of SSUNS, Michelle is pursuing an Arts degree, with an Economics Major and a double Minor in International Development and Political Science. Through her studies, she hopes to maybe become a corporate lawyer, but is open to many career paths! Outside of her academic endeavours, Michelle loves playing sports, especially soccer. With her passion for SSUNS, sports, and even dancing (though she claims not to know how), Michelle will put all of her energy into ensuring that SSUNS 2018 is one to remember!

Mary Lynne Loftus
Deputy Administration

Mary Lynne Loftus will serve as the first-ever SSUNS Deputy USG for Administration. When it comes to SSUNS, Mary Lynne is a seasoned pro. SSUNS 2018 will be her 4th, having a delegate for two years and a Delegate Resource Center Coordinator last year. Her favourite part of SSUNS is the connections delegates make with one another. She also loves seeing students find confidence in themselves and develop interest in international relations. At SSUNS 2018, Mary Lynne is looking forward to seeing delegates’ hard work pay off as well as the IPF Committee and the expansion of new workshops! Not only is Mary Lynne devoted to SSUNS, but she is very involved on campus as part of the Political Science Student Association, Panhellenic Council as well as writing for the McGill Tribune. During her free time, Mary Lynne loves to brunch with her friends. If you have any questions about Montreal restaurants, be sure to ask Mary Lynne, as she knows all the best spots!

David Muñoz-Beltran
Deputy GAs & ECOSOCS

A first year majoring in honours political science and economics, with a minor in history, David is excited for his 3rd SSUNS experience! His first being in 2015, also his first experience at a canadian conference, David hopes to be able to give back to a conference that has given him so much in life. From his hometown in Bogota, Colombia, he has moved around all over the world, allowing him to compete as a delegate on the european and middle eastern circuits, as well as the western circuit in North America. David is part of the Junior Peacekeepers and the Delegation Team at McGill university, and is also a part of various advisory boards for his high school in British Columbia. The book character that David most relates to is Khaleesi from Game of Thrones because no matter what is thrown her way, she rolls with it and remains a beautiful powerful dragon queen! His message for this year’s delegates is to experience SSUNS to the greatest extent, and to be open to new ideas.

Emily Dawe
Deputy Specialized Agencies

Emily is a 3rd year student who is double majoring in History & Anthropology (for now), and hails from Toronto (pronounced “Tronno”). Emily was a 2-time delegate at SSUNS, and last year served as a Vice-Chair at SSUNS 2017 for the Peace of Westphalia. Her dream job is to be on the Real Housewives of Toronto, Season 7. If this doesn’t work out, she hopes to be the Director of the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), where her favorite exhibit is the mummified cat. Emily’s favourite experience in life is hands down attending summer camp for 11 years. When Emily was a child herself, her favourite memory was playing computer games like Madeleine’s Thinking Adventure. Finally, Emily would like to tell the world that Amy Schumer is a bad comedian, that the moon is a place, and that she is a super cool and funny person.

Laurence Doucet
Deputy Crises

Meet Laurence Doucet, Deputy of Crisis Committees and the avid francophone of this year’s Sec. A Staff Room Coordinator last year, Laurence has attended to SSUNS twice previously as a delegate so this year will mark her fourth SSUNS! Laurence has enjoyed building the exciting committees with her team so far and can’t wait to see delegates in action, carrying out their innovative arcs. A respected crisis delegate, Laurence began her MUN career in French in Grade 10, served on the executive of her cegep team, MariMUN, and is now a member of the Delegation Team at McGill. Laurence is majoring in Honours Economics and minoring in Computer Science and dreams of fighting corporate, white-collar crime as a profession. If you want to talk Québec history and culture (a topic she is extremely passionate about) or compare snapchat streaks, Laurence is your person. À bientôt!

Adrianna Lemieux
Deputy Director of Public Relations

Meet Adrianna Lemieux, Deputy Director of PR! Adrianna is a third-year student of International Development with a double minor in Immunology and International Relations. She is involved on campus as a member of the delegations team and through volunteering at local elementary schools through Junior Peacemakers. Adrianna has travelled all over the world, exploring national parks and foreign towns. She attended an international high school near Zurich, where she was able to utilise her French skills and learn German! Adrianna and her twin brother Eric can both confirm that there is no such thing as twin-sense. In an alternate reality, she would love to be a travelling chef, however in this one she wants to do something that benefits the lives of other people. While in school, she hopes to learn as many fun and interesting skills as possible, and takes electives in all different kinds of subjects. At the end of the day, she loves to settle into a comfortable chair and enjoy a london fog tea.

Vassili Marinis
Deputy Director of Public Relations

Vassili “Vas” Marinis is a science student, majoring in Physiology. 2018 will be his second SSUNS, and last year he was the Vice Chair of our unique Pokémon committee. Vas, like all of the members of team PR, is a Montréal native, and works in PR at a local radio station. A man of many talents, Vassili speaks English, French, and Greek fluently, and also speaks some Spanish. Vassili is locally famous for his fashion sense, and meticulously maintains his Instagram account that features him modelling his outfits. He fell in love with SSUNS because of the skills and talents of the delegates, and loves to hear their ideas to make the world a better place. The animal Vassili identifies most with is a dolphin, as he is a fun-loving, outgoing, and energetic person. Vassili wants to encourage every delegate to speak up for what they believe in, and remind them that being young doesn’t mean that they can’t make a difference!