The Secretariat

Dexter Docherty
Secretary General

Presenting our very own Secretary-General of SSUNS 2017, Dexter Docherty, a Vancouverite who is finishing off his Honours History degree with a double minor in Philosophy and Economics. Dexter has previously served as USG Committees in 2016 and Deputy Director of Crisis Committees in 2015, and is incredibly excited to celebrate SSUNS’ 25th anniversary this year with the 1400+ delegates who attend the conference each year! When Dexter is not pulling pranks on other members of the Secretariat (beware!) or going on long philosophical walks with his friends, he enjoys studying modern history because it helps understand the world we live in. Dexter’s favourite 90s memory is receiving a giant box of several thousand legos when he was 4 (note: he is very curious), which is undoubtedly the best gift he has ever received (until the Secretariat surprises him for his 23rd birthday)! If you spot Dexter during the conference, he will either be sleeping after a long night at the Delegate Gala, or working on his goal of becoming really good at crossword-solving before he dies.

Anuradha Mallik
Chargée d'Affaires

Anuradha Mallik is a Model UN veteran, with SSUNS 2017 being her twelfth conference and third SSUNS. She has lived in 8 different countries, with Indonesia being her personal favourite. On campus, An also works as the Vice-President of Sustainability and Operations for McGill’s Student Association. Majoring in computer science and music, she is fluent in 4 instruments, and slightly rusty in several mroe. Due to her many commitments, she has almost no free time, but if she did she would like to spend it either reading the New Yorker, playing the piano, or binge watching Suits, where she found her on screen role model, Dana Scott. Khaleesi is a close second.

Garima Karia
Chief of Staff

Meet Garima, your fun and flirty Chief of Staff! Garima hopes to live in Latin America and work for the OAS or UN once she completes her degree in History, Political Science, and Feminist studies. As a delegate herself, SSUNS has been a meaningful and empowering experience for Garima, providing her with a platform to speak out about contentious issues and express herself unapologetically. As a highly intellectual person, Garima loves speaking about politics and female empowerment in one of the many languages she is fluent in; in fact, she even had the chance to address the Canadian parliament. During her free time, you can find her reading, writing about politics, watching Gilmore Girls, and enjoying the sun in Parc Jean Drapeau when the weather permits. Garima sends her love to all the delegates and strongly encourages you all to break out of your comfort zones! Whether this is your first conference or one of your last, don’t be afraid to set ambitious goals for yourself and your committee. Learn as much as you can from the diversity around you, as well as the wide range of perspectives that SSUNS brings together. .

Gordon Milne
Chief of Operations

Gordon Milne will be serving as our Chief of Operations this year. This Canadian-born, but American-raised bilingual is currently pursuing his BCom in Economics and Finance. Home is where the heart is, so one shouldn’t be surprised that Gordon is an avid Ottawa Senators fan, but his passions lie beyond just hockey. He is also an Eagle Scout with Gold Palm Honours and has worked a multitude of jobs, from delivering flowers to math tutoring to waiting tables and fixing cars. Thinking of planning a road trip? Gordon’s got you covered; he travelled across the United States last summer in a car he built himself. One day, he would love to be the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Gordon is extremely pumped to see everyone at SSUNS this year, but whatever you do, don’t go around calling him “Ops”…

Sheldon Benard
USG Finance

Hailing in from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Sheldon Benard has returned for his third year at SSUNS and his second year as the USG Finance. Pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science and a minor in Statistics, Sheldon loves to talk all things politics, philosophy, and math. When not worrying about SSUNS, Sheldon enjoys gaming, reading, and learning new things. In the future, he hopes to go into Law, especially Intellectual Property where he can bridge Law with his knowledge of Computer Science, and he wants to adopt a cat named Pajamas.

Meghan Keenan
USG Committees

Meghan is currently wrapping up her Double Major in International Development Studies and Psychology at McGill University. She hails from the bustling metropolis that is the financial capital of our beloved land, Toronto! Meghan has been involved with Model UN for 8 years now, and has passionately been contributing her hard work and relentless love to the SSUNS Secretariat for 3 years to date. When she’s not brainstorming potential committee ideas, she can be found leading canoe trips through Northern Ontario in the summertime, or engaging in the many intramural sports that McGill offers: V-ball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and ball hockey! A word of advice, be wary of asking Meghan where she would travel if given the opportunity: New Zealand the Amazon rainforest are but a few of the thousands of destinations on her list. SSUNS has consistently given her the privilege of being inspired, working with incredible people, and interfacing with delegates from all corners of the globe, who will one day be tomorrow’s leaders. She also loves hugs!

Natasha Chatur
Director of Public Relations

Meet Natasha, an integral member of the “SSQUAD” and SSUNS 2017’s fabulous Director of Public Relations. Natasha is a rising senior pursuing a joint honours degree in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Religion. Hailing from Oakville, which she likes to call “the bougiest city ever,” Natasha spent her summer working for Innomar Strategies, teaching English to children, and studying for the LSAT in preparation for her future career as a corporate lawyer with her own firm and, later, Supreme Court Judge. In addition to her legal pursuits, Natasha has been in numerous photoshoots and has danced/modelled for Vogue, which has inspired her other dream job: international supermodel! As a volunteer at Dans la Rue, a member of AOII & MISA, the President of Trek for Teens, and a dancer/model for Vogue, Natasha is better known as “the queen of versatility and multitasking.” When she’s not at McLennan library studying with her squad, Natasha can be found reading her favourite book, The Art of War, or strolling along St. Catherine Street in downtown Montréal. Natasha’s smile lights up every room she’s in, so it’s no surprise that her favourite parts about SSUNS are spending time with her SSUNS family and the multitude of bright faces she sees all weekend. Having been involved in SSUNS for over three years, Natasha’s advice for delegates is to have fun, to learn something new, and to strengthen relationships with peers while also forging new ones. That’s what she would call a successful weekend!

Sonia Ionescu
USG Information and Technology

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Sonia Ionescu is our SSUNS 2017 Under-Secretary-General Information Technology. Joint-majoring in Computer Science and Biology, Sonia plans to make the world a better place working in biotechnology. A truly global citizen, Sonia holds passports from Canada, Romania, and the USA, and speaks Romanian, English, and Spanish. In the past, she has been a leader in student publications as Coordinating Editor of the McGill Daily. When she’s not busy with all this, she enjoys photography and reading. (she can’t live without her Kindle!) Her summer plans are to work in cancer research and to develop the first-ever SSUNS mobile app. If you see her around the conference, be sure to say hi!

Hena Guha
Deputy Chargée d'Affairs

Currently in her second year pursuing a degree in Political Science, Hena has been involved in the Model United Nations world since grade 7, having been a delegate at SSUNS throughout high school. SSUNS has been an incredibly important part of her life, making her love and interest for Political Science and law-making grow, and making her very excited to be a part of this SSUNS Secretariat. Her favourite part of SSUNS is seeing all of the delegates in action, as they make the most of this incredible learning opportunity. Your Deputy Chargée d’Affairs grew up in the Netherlands, but today she calls Oakville, Ontario her home. When she is not occupied with MUN-related activities or going back to Toronto, Hena plays competitive soccer (she even represented Canada in international competitions!) and scouts for new cafés in downtown Montreal. In a couple of years, you can find Hena owning her own corporate law firm with a golden retriever named Laika by her side.

Ronan Murphy
Deputy GAs & ECOSOCS

Ronan Murphy is the UCC (Upper Canada College) prodigy and this years Deputy of GAs and ECOSOCs. He loves the downtown lifestyle and traded in his life in the 6ix for Montreal’s upbeat personality. For now, Ronan is occupying his time by studying Civil Engineering, however wants to find his true passion to pursue as a career. When Ronan is not busy watching Tangled with a box of poutine from Smokes you can find him hanging out at Old Port right on the water. In the future you can spot him in his sassy pair of shades and voluptuous hair in Vietnam whipping around in a 1965 Mustang Fastback gt500 with a dog in the passenger’s seat, but for the time being, you can catch him on campus clinging to his wallet- something he never leaves home without! Ronan started off as a delegate for two years, and is extremely excited to be a part of the SSUNS Secretariat of 2017. He is most looking forward to working with a large group of people and training delegates. Ronan can’t wait to meet all of you at the 25th anniversary of SSUNS.

Gretel Kahn
Deputy Specialized Agencies

Hailing from Panama City, Panama, Gretel has years of experience in MUN, starting in grade eight. She even was a delegate of SSUNS, winning a gavel award, and has since been involved at both McMUN and SSUNS. A trilingual (Spanish, English, and French!), she studies International Development Studies, and minors in History and French. Her minor in history was inspired by her favourite class at McGill, a first year seminar on Chinese Religious History. In the future, she sees herself working for an NGO, being an investigative journalist, or working for a goverment, but she dreams of being a documentary filmmaker, travelling the world. She also does theatre – and directs – at McGill. She has adorable Maltese dog named Jazz and is so excited to be Deputy USG Committees Specialized Agencies this year!

Nicole Arski
Deputy Crises

Nicole Arski is SSUNS 2017’s Dep Crisis, the most wild, fast-paced position on the Secretariat. She is a second-year Honours Political Science student with a minor in social entrepreneurship. Nicole’s time at SSUNS began as a delegate five years ago where she fell in love with Model United Nations and the passionate people it brings together. Since then, she has quickly become one of the most dominant competitors on the collegiate MUN circuit, winning an award at every conference she has attended, including a gavel at HNMUN 2017. Nicole is an ambitious and incredibly sharp young woman who hopes to someday work as a humanitarian lawyer at the International Criminal Court. She is confident that her Polish blood would make her a favourite to win the Hunger Games and overcome any other challenge life may send her way. Nicole has a soft-spot for puppies and red pandas, because they are the most adorable furry creatures.

Ashton Connor Mathias
Deputy Director of Public Relations

Ashton, our Deputy Director of Public Relations, is a second year at McGill studying Honours Political Science with a Major in Economics. He’s a MUN veteran, with 11 conferences under his belt. When he’s not out winning gavels or organizing SSUNS, he’s busy trying to achieve his goal of learning all six United Nations official languages before the age of 40 -- he spends his free time expanding his Spanish or watching comedy. Ashton’s other life goals include learning to tie his shoelaces, growing up to be a diplomat and living by the philosophy, “it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with.” While he wishes he could live out either Iron Man, James Bond or 21 Jump Street, he believes that his TV show character alter ego is Tyrion Lannister. According to Ashton himself, he’d be the first to die in a horror movie -- he’s too small to survive to the end! He’s very excited for SSUNS 2017!

Dany Morcos
Deputy Director of Public Relations

Dany studies Industrial and Labour relations at McGill. He was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, but is originally from Egypt. He now splits his time between Montreal and Waterloo, Ontario. He started MUN in grade 12, and staffed McMUN this past year. Dany helps budget and allocate Student’s funds towards space planning projects on campus. He also secretly plays the piano. More importantly, Dany loves to cook and claims to make the best tiramisu ever. When he’s not talking about Suits or mimicking Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, Dany enjoys drinking mojitos on the beach and arguing because he finds solace in heated discussions. If he could travel anywhere in the world, Dany would go to Bora Bora. In the future, this bright McGill student sees himself working in the Canadian Labour Movement. Dany’s favourite thing about SSUNS is his beloved Secretariat. Sometimes he loves them more than they love him. Just kidding! We love you, Dany.